Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The might of Dan Hibiki

Dan challenges

Here's a sketch I did of Dan from the Street Fighter series. Dan is a great character, because or in spite of his overconfidence, arrogance and ego. Normally in the Street Fighter universe, Dan is the butt of all jokes, due to his "qualities".

A friend of mine, commented on the fact that, I made Dan look very cool and powerful in the quick sketch I did; which is true, but the fact that he's holding up a wooden sign proclaiming his greatness, even though he's looking cool and all; fans of Street Fighter know that in a few seconds, he's gonna fall flat on his face or something to that effect.

It's funny that a character, who's history was starting up as a retaliatory character, by Street Fighter II designer, Akiman against SNK's creation of the Art of Fighting, which he thought to be a rip off of Street Fighter; could have so much popularity to this day. Many thought that he would be just a joke, a jab at SNK, but somehow the fans took to his personality and bizarre behavior and fell in love with him like I did. It just goes to show you, that we all love a great loser, lol.

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